Communicate privately on Silent OS, iOS, and Android

Secure messaging & file transfers

Completely secure messaging
Send and receive large files up to 100MB per message

Unlimited Peer to Peer calling

Unlimited talk, text, video and conference calls
between Silent Phone members

Available on iOS and Android

Silent Phone is device agnostic and is available
on iOS, Android, and Silent OS

Easy deployment & Management

Simple deployment with no hardware,
maintenance, or training required
Manage from the web, active directory, or existing MDM

Silent Text

Share unlimited encrypted texts on any Silent OS, iOS or Android device. Use the burn feature to set messages to automatically self-destruct after a set time period. Silent Text also offers secure file transfers of up to 100MB and voice memo functionality.


Silent Phone

Calls made from one Silent Phone user to another are fully encrypted, whether they’re on iOS, Android, or Silent OS. Encryption keys are stored only on the users’ devices (not on any central server) and are destroyed at the end of each call, ensuring complete privacy, every time.

Silent Phone includes features such as video chat and conference calling capability, enabling you to keep your business moving, securely.



Silent Suite


  • Unlimited Secure Voice/Messaging between Silent Circle Members
  • Up to 100MB File Transfer
  • Full Burn Functionality
  • Video Calling
  • Voicemail Functionality
  • Conference calling for up to 6 callers
  • Direct access to Technical Support
  • Available on iOS, Android, and Silent OS

Talk to anyone on any network with
Silent World

Silent World calling extends the reach of Silent Phone to make or receive calls from standard mobiles or land lines.

With Silent World, calls have enhanced security over conventional calls. Your leg of the call is encrypted, keeping you safe from local eavesdropping threats.

Communicate privately to mobile and landline phones anywhere in the world.

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