Silent World

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Silent World

Secure your PSTN landline and mobile calls with Silent World.
Relay them safely out of theater. Perfect for the traveling executive.

Secure your calls anywhere

Silent World allows you to make calls to and receive calls from outside telephone numbers within the Silent Phone app. All Silent World calls are securely relayed to Silent Circle’s global network before reaching the recipient. If you’re in a high threat environment (e.g. an airport), this gets your calls securely out of theater.

Perfect for traveling executives

Business doesn’t wait for you to get back to the office. With increasing threats from rogue access points and uncertain 5G security, Silent World keeps you safe on the road no matter where you travel.

International calling coverage

Our plans include calling to the most popular international destinations.

SS7 Firewall

Sophisticated enterprises and government agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the threat posed by SS7 attacks which can compromise your realtime location. A Silent World telephone number is firewalled off from the mobile SS7 network, protecting your team’s location and privacy.

Choose the right plan for your team members