Dialog London


Making a Difference One Bag at a Time

With their burst of colorful upcycled patchwork detailing, Dialog London Handbags, delight both the bohemian and glamorous fashionista. Labeled by both Vogue and Travel & Leisure respectively as being “kitsh” and “of the minute”, these timeless expressions of art are not just fashion statements but a revelation of resourcefulness bridging existing concepts of upcycling and Fairtrade partnerships into practice. Run by a cross-cultural graduate of London’s esteemed Central St. Martins College of Art, this Asia based whimsical and fashion-forward collective of handbags meld Asian textile techniques with sophisticated urban sensibility.

Dialog London’s products have been sold in different fashion boutiques internationally and have been featured in Anthropologie (USA), ASOS (UK) and Endless.com (USA).

Many Stories One Thread

The name Dialog suggests openness, as well as the dialogue that begins when bringing together a meeting of cultures. The brand Dialog turns this into an explosion of textures and colors that is glamorous, bohemian and eclectic. It is a company that believes in bringing sustainability through creative means, such as the collaboration with various communities of women to not only provide a sustainable income for their living, but also through the process be given an avenue in which to regain their confidence and sense of dignity in bringing positive changes to their dire or static circumstances.

The easily learned origami trimmings, Dialog’s signature trim, not only serves as a mean of generating income, but the fabrics used also retain local cultural significance, forming a colorful visual narrative of the lives involved. Dialog London also carries bag styles showcasing bright and colorfully hand-woven cottons from Tsunami regeneration projects in Thailand, rich embroideries from Vietnam, intricate cross-stitching from Tibetan autonomous regions as well as other various upcycled fabrications and leathers from China.

This new phenomenon of combining upcycling with haute couture, aiming to create sustainable employment for women of less opportunities in third world countries, has not gone unnoticed and have been reviewed by many across the world. Accessories Magazine’s editor awarded Dialog ‘Best Accessories’ at a New York Fashion Week event. The unique Love Saori clutch, with its bright heart shaped red clasp, was voted Editor’s Choice by Fabulous Magazine in the UK. Anthropologie’s online customers too gave the iconic bronze ‘Sake’ cross-body bag Five star reviews.

These bags and purses are unique collectables, each print, trim and fabrication unique and different from another; timeless gifts woven by the many that have come together to make this story possible.

Animal Purses

Acknowledged and loved by Marie Claire, Asos and Anthropologie, this animal style purses .While designing bags to feature the fourfold trims, Dialog thought of animals as expressions of a global language that appeals and spans acorss all cultures and ages. Available currently in style are Bird, fish, horse and Dino available in colourful cotton prints or leatherettes. Bird signifies Hope and peace; Fish points to prosperity and productivity ; Horse,Love and Strength and the Dino,Uniqueness.