Motorola MBP70SN Smart Non-Contact Nursery Thermometer

Motorola MBP70SN Smart Non-Contact Nursery Thermometer

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MBP70SN Touchless 3-in-1 thermometer

  • Easy to use & comfortable for your baby
  • Temperature alert LED ring, turns instant red when high temperature is indicated.
  • Temperature tracking for up to 4 family members
  • Measure temperature of Baby, liquids and room
  • Hygienic and BPA Free
  • Free Hubble Smart Nursery application for smartphone or tablet*

The Motorola Smart Touchless Forehead Thermometer is a hygienic, BPA Free and a multipurpose device that will help you easily track your child’s temperature. It will be your extra check to make sure that the Milk bottle, Bath and Nursery temperature is not too hot or cold.
Easy to use by holding the Touchless Thermometer 2 cm from the forehead between the eyebrows to get the most accurate temperature. With the lighted color LCD Screen and button you will get immediately an alert for fever. Track your little one’s temperature history –plus 3 other family members –through Bluetooth connection using the Hubble app.
* Requires wireless connection to the internet and a compatible viewing device with iOS 8/Android™ 4.2 or above.

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Motorola MBP70SN Smart Non-Contact Nursery Thermometer

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Record baby’s temperature changes

Motorola MBP70SN Smart Non-Contact Nursery Thermometer connects to a proprietary Hubble application to transfer real-time records directly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth transmission for up to 4 users’ records with up to 50 records per user, facilitate parents to observe changes in body temperature, you can know when the child start to rise in temperature, the highest temperature and continued how long, etc.


Provide data for the doctor to facilitate targeted treatment

Motorola MBP70SN features Celsius and Fahrenheit options and warning lights to detect green light at 34 degrees to 37.9 degrees and red lights at 38 degrees to 42.9 degrees to remind parents that children have a chance to have high temperature .

Connect Hubble mobile application


Graph the data and share with doctor
Hubble Connect for Smart Nursery App download﹕
Apple iOS download / Android download

Body & food temperature monitor

Motorola MBP70SN Smart Non-Contact Nursery Thermometer not only can measure body temperature, but also can be used as milk, water and food temperature monitor. Generally, parents usually use their hands to feel the temperature when they prepare milk for infants, make baby food or adjust the water temperature for bathing. However, this method is very subjective and inaccurate. The Motorola MBP70SN Smart Non-Contact Nursery Thermometer enables instant, non-contact temperature measurement of the human body and food for hygienic use.

Setting Up the Smart Touchless Forehead Thermometer

  1. The key to obtaining accurate readings is a clean sensor. To clean the sensor, use a cotton swab slightly moistened with alcohol to gently wipe its surface, and then immediately wipe dry using a clean cotton swab. Wait at least 20 minutes to make sure that the sensor is completely dry before taking temperature.
  2.  Skin surface lipids on the forehead may cause an inaccurate measurement, so make sure the forehead is clean. If you clean the forehead, please keep waiting a further 5 to 10 minutes before measuring.
  3.  If the temperature of the storage area differs greatly from that of the measuring area, please wait until the thermometer temperature has equalized to the room temperature, about 30 minutes, prior to use.
  4. Please open the battery cover and install 2 AAA batteries, which can be found inside the packaging. Once batteries are installed, the thermometer will then turn on automatically and the LCD display will appear.

Please take note of the following minimum system requirements: Smartphones/ Tablets: Android™ and iOS® only. Minimum requirement: iOS® 8.0, Android™ 4.4.2 or above.

  • - BLE 4.1 Wireless Connectivity
  • - Dimensions: H19.2 x W15.3 x D5.2cm
  • - White color
  • - Plastic materials
  • - Powered with 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • - Fast measurements (± 0.2°C accuracy for the range 32.0 to 42.9°C)
  • - Fever alarm
  • - Suitable for newborns
  • - Instant checking for body, room & milk temperature
  • - Real-time reading via Bluetooth directly to your smart phone
  • - Connected Temperature tracking – track up to 4 members of your family
  • - Voice reminder ( Measurement position )
  • - Temperature readings taken in number and graphics, and can be stored
  • - Handy reminder and alarm for doctor appointments, reminders to take medicine, etc.
  • - Nursing suggestion ( Drink more water, etc.)
  • - Part of the Motorola Smart Nursery System
  • - Requires wireless connection to the internet and a compatible viewing device with iOS 8/Android™ 4.2 or above